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Society: The language of the land

28 June 2010

I know pretty much nothing about football, but even I now know who Fabio Capello is. I obviously can’t comment on his professional skills as a coach since I know nothing about that field (apologies for the pun). What I will say, though, is that I find it appalling that he leads the England team, yet clearly does not speak much English. Presumably, he is living here as well as working, in which case I firmly believe he should speak the country's language.

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Technology: Goodbye Acrobat (and good riddance)

22 June 2010

PDF documents have become commonplace and for most of us are now essential tools of everyday work. As a concept, they certainly have merits, the main one being that they allow documents to be distributed with high fidelity entirely independent from the environment (hardware and software) that was used to create them.

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Book Review: The Guns of August

14 June 2010

Close up of cover showing soldiers

To be able to tell a story in such a way that it grips the reader from beginning to end, to be able to fill a book with an enthralling narrative that is never boring or trite is by itself a significant feat that not too many authors pull off. To do it by chronicling events of which we know the outcome already very well is pure brilliance. Doing it while faithfully sticking to historical reality and true facts, in a work of non-fiction, must surely indicate rare genius.

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Technology: The Google Background Fiasco

10 June 2010

One of the first things I did this morning after booting my computer was to launch Firefox. The Web has become such a key tool in our lives that this action should hardly come as a surprise. However, I did get quite a shock when I noticed that my google.co.uk homepage, up to that point a reasonably clean, uncluttered page, now appeared with a background picture.

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